Rewards Program for Season Ticket holders and YS Partners



Breakers Buck$ is a rewards program. Season Ticket holders and Youth Soccer Partners are automatically enrolled in Breakers Buck$ with the purchase of 2018 season tickets and YS Partnerships. 

Breakers Buck$ can be used to purchase additional game tickets, merchandise, parking passes, summer development clinics, seating upgrades and special event tickets.  

If you purchase your 2018 season ticket between now and Oct. 1st, 2017, you recieve 15 percent of your overall payment into your Breakers Buck$ account.  

Example - Mr Smith purchases a Category 1, 2018 season ticket on August 2nd at a price of $270.00.  With the new rewards program, Mr. Smith receives $40.50 (15% of his purchase) into his Breakers Buck$ account.  Throughout the year, Mr. Smith can use his $54.00 to make discounted purchases.

The earlier you purchase your 2018 season ticket, the more percentage you receive in your Breakers Buck$ reward account.

Purchase by October 1st, 2017 - receive 15% into your Breakers Buck$ account

Purchase between October 2nd, 2017 and January 1st, 2018 - receive 10% into your Breakers Buck$ account

Purchase between January 2nd, 2018 and March 1, 2018 - receive 5% into your Breakers Buck$ account

You can also ADD to your Breakers Buck$ account.  Anytime you see a Breakers Buck$ sign at the ticket office, merchandise stand or register for  a summer soccer clinic you recieve 5% of WHAT YOU PAY back into your Breakers Buck$ account.

Example - Mr. Smith decides to use his $54.00 rewards Buck$ to purchase Breakers merchandise totaling $100.00.  After using his $54.00 Breakers Buck$ he lowers his payment down to $46.00 which he pays, at the same time he also receives $2.30 (5% of WHAT HE PAID) back into his Breakers Buck$ account. Not only has Mr. Smith got $100.00 of great Breakers merchandise, he only paid $46.00 and received $2.30 credit into his Breakers Buck$ account.

Can I just make purchases and not use my Breakers Buck$?

Absolutely. How you use your Breakers Buck$ is up to you. You can make additonal purchases and receive 5% on what you pay, build up your Breakers Buck$ rewards and use it at the season's end for a 2018 season ticket. 

How do I check my Breakers Buck$ balance?

Simple - either call 617.945.1704 and give the Breakers staff member your Breakers Buck$ account number (which comes with your 2018 season ticket book) or email

What can I use my Breakers Buck$ for?

You can put your Breakers Buck$ towards many great things we offer at the Breakers:

- Additonal game tickets

- Seating upgrades                                                                                                

- Merchandise                

- Summer Soccer Clinics   

- Special event tickets

- Parking passes

Do Breakers Buck$ roll over season to season?

Unfortunately not, your 2017 Breakers Buck$ had to be redeemed up until October 1st, 2017.  Be sure to use all of your Breakers Buck$ rewards before that date as no checks for the balance are issued or credited. 




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