Breakers partner with XrCEL Athlete Fuel

(July 17, 2015) – The Boston Breakers are proud to announce a partnership with South Carolina-based XRCEL Athlete Fuel.

(July 17, 2015) – The Boston Breakers are proud to announce a partnership with South Carolina-based XRCEL Athlete Fuel.

New World Consumer Products will be supplying the Breakers with XRCEL to fuel their training and game play for the balance of the 2015 season. XRCEL Athlete Fuel is an extended-release carbohydrate supplement. Its patented glucose micro-gel technology is changing the way athletes train, compete and recover.

“It is a great product, and our players have really taken to it and notice the difference when using it,” Boston Breakers general manager Lee Billiard said. “I am happy we could partner with XRCEL and provide their product to our players through the remainder of the year.

XRCEL Athlete Fuel is brought to market by New World Consumer Products. Technology and scientific development was performed by New World Pharmaceuticals.

“The timing of this partnership couldn’t be better,” said Fred Sexton, founder and president of New World Consumer Products, the makers of XRCEL Athlete Fuel. “We are absolutely thrilled to be working with the Breakers and to be able to fuel these top performing athletes.”


About New World Consumer Products, LLC

New World Consumer Products is bringing the science of human nutrition and carbohydrate metabolism to high performance athletes with an emerging portfolio of patented products and technologies. Our flagship product, XRCEL, is a scientifically-advanced sports performance fuel based on patented formulation technology developed by New World Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

With strong investment in the science of performance-based nutrition, guided by a leadership team of executives and university scientists with extensive operating and board-level experience in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries, New World Consumer Products will continue to develop breakthrough products that improve performance and endurance for work, play and sport.               

The company’s corporate headquarters are located in historic Charleston, South Carolina. To learn more, please visit

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