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   Jersey #19

   Collge: Boston College

   Hometown: Hanson, MA




Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings series

Favorite Music Genre: House Music

Favorite Food: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Favorite non soccer sport and team: Hockey and the Boston Bruins

Age you started playing soccer: 4 years old

What do you like most about Boston: Boston has the best of everything. It will always be my home.

Why is soccer important to you: Soccer is competitive and fun. Creating lasting bonds with your teammates and of course winning games.

Favorite thing to do when not playing soccer: Shopping!

Pre-game Meal: Banana pancakes with peanut butter and chicken

Best dancer on the team: Me, Obviously :)

Most fashionable on the team: Courtney Jones

Biggest joker in the locker room: Heather O’Reilly

Message to Soccer players/fans: The best advice i ever got was to choose something to perfect on the field, and be better at that than anyone else around you. It will make you stand out.